Stony Brook Citrix Login (2024)

1. Stony Brook Medicine-Citrix Login

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2. Citrix Remote Access (VDI) - Employee Portal

  • All Stony Brook Medicine faculty and staff who need remote access are encouraged to use Citrix VDI for their SBM application requirements. Please see the links ...

  • Citrix Remote Access (VDI) portal is the preferred method of remote access using any Windows PC, Mac computer or tablet.  This portal utilizes Citrix Receiver to access a virtualized Windows Desktop internally on the Stony Brook Medicine network, allowing users to securely access most applications (Cerner PowerChart, Kronos, PACS, Remote Desktop…etc).

3. Stony Brook Medicine-Citrix Login

4. Using Remote Desktop Web Access - Stony Brook Computer Science

  • Click Connect. After clicking Connect, you will prompted for your credentials. For User name, enter your Computer Science username and for Password, enter ...

  • RD Web Access is a Computer Science service that allows you to access department software and machines from your Windows or OS X computer, both on and off the department network. RD Web Access has two features, a Windows Public Lab and a collection of Remote Applications. The Windows Public Lab is a collection of lab machines that have the same software that can be found in the public labs in the department. RemoteApps are applications, such as Microsoft Word, that can be opened on your computer through the use of Web Access without installing the program.

5. Working Remotely | Division of Information Technology

  • To connect to your work computer from elsewhere, prepare these: DUO: If you don't have one already ... Copyright © 2023 Stony Brook University Login.

  • If you need to work from a different location, use the tools and preparations on this page. 

6. Download Citrix Receiver

7. IT Service Portal - Division of Information Technology

  • IT Service Portal. For the fastest response, log in to the Service Portal with your NetID and password to report issues or make requests for IT services.

  • For the fastest response, log in to the Service Portal with your NetID and password to report issues or make requests for IT services.The DoIT Service Desk will be prioritizing answering help tickets submitted through the Service Portal.

8. Remote Access to Online Resources | Stony Brook University Libraries

  • Remote access to the library's collections of web-based resources is available for current Stony Brook faculty, students, and staff.

  • Remote access to the library’s collections of web-based resources is available for current Stony Brook faculty, students, and staff. Dial-up, DSL, and cable modem access are supported.

9. SBM IT Client Portal Home - Stony Brook University

  • Citrix/Virtual Access. Assistance with Citrix Published App · Assistance with Citrix Virtual Desktop · Assistance with VPN · Citrix Apps Website. Hardware.

  • SBM IT Client Portal

10. Helpful Links - WMHS - Three Village Central School District

  • Citrix · AP teacher audits and score retrieval; CollegeNet ... Stony Brook, NY 11790. Phone: (631) 730-4000. North Country Administration ...

  • Below are helpful links for WMHS teachers.

Stony Brook Citrix Login (2024)


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